Do you ever wish you could travel for your job? Well girlfriend, you’re in luck! If you’re someone who wants to see the world but doesn’t necessarily make enough money to afford it (cough — us), we may have a solution for you. You could consider a career change!

Here are some of the best jobs for those ladies out there that love to travel.

Flight Attendant

We feel that being a flight attendant is the obvious job options for those who have a case of wanderlust. Who wouldn’t want to jet set every day, meet new people, explore different cities, and receive massive travel discounts because of their job?

Starting off, many flight attendants have to start off in United States before being allowed to go abroad. But once you’ve earned your position, next thing you know, you will be traveling to fun destinations such as Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. Added bonus — traveling to further destinations will give you a stable, decent income and great benefits!

From the outside looking in, it seems like a glamorous gig! But we also know it requires a lot of patience and hard work. Flight attendants often suffer from jet lag, deal with difficult passengers, and work random hours. You will also have to deal with an array of personalities, sometimes on little to no sleep, and understand that it is more than a job; it’s a lifestyle. But for the right person, it could be a great fit!

Yacht or Cruise Line Worker

Working for a cruise line is another great job for the lady who loves to travel! Like a flight attendant, you get to travel all over the world. With free accommodation and food, it makes traveling easier and cheaper.

Since there is so much to do on cruise ships, there are many different job opportunities from people of all backgrounds. You can be a cashier, technician, server, lifeguard, performer, the list goes on! And the best part about it is you can still make a decent living working on a cruise ship.

Again, this job requires a lot of patience because you will be dealing with multiple different personalities on a day-to-day basis and working long hours, but the freedom of travel more than makes up for it. At each port or destination, you’ll have the freedom to explore any of the cities on your cruise ship route.

Web Developer or Designer

Anyone can make a living working online these days! One job option for those who love to travel is becoming a web developer or designer. All you have to do is learn how to code, have a great eye for design, and network as much as possible!

There are plenty of websites you can post your services so it’s easier now than ever to work 100% remotely and own your own business, which in return gives you a ton of freedom to travel.


Do you want to be paid to share your expertise and knowledge to help businesses solve problems and attain their goals? Consulting may be a good option for you! Companies are constantly looking to hire consultants to offer advice and insight on how to fix their complicated problems in their industry.

You must travel for this type of job since maintaining close and healthy relationships with clients are important. For people who love to travel and love being social, this job is one of the best ways to see the world while being paid very well. Plus it’s really fulfilling — providing your expertise to companies who need your help.

Retail Regional Manager

Believe it or not, being a Retail Regional Manager has tons of travel opportunities. Shout out to my sister Alyssa who works for Lush and gets to travel all the time for work to the coolest places!

Managing multiple locations means having to travel to those multiple locations. Some companies will even allow you to request particular areas or stores so you end up with cities you want to travel to frequently! And of course, there are plenty of training seminars that companies will send their managers to on a yearly basis.


We live in the era of exploding technology. More and more employers are allowing their employees to work remotely and there are more freelance opportunities. Becoming a digital nomad is a good option for the working traveler.

Do you love social media? Do you love to write and blog? Do you see yourself running digital media campaigns for clients? Have you always wanted to run your own online business? Good news is you can do any of these things at any place and at any time, which means plenty of time to travel.

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