Things To Do During Corona-tine (Corona Quarantine)

Here are some ideas of things to do while you are stuck at home, social distancing and self-quarantining.

The Corona virus, formally known as COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus that originated in Wuhan, China and has quickly spread around the globe. The illness is respiratory and can lead to trouble breathing, heavy coughing, a high fever and many other symptoms. Because the virus is spreading so rapidly, country officials around the world have urged businesses to close, social gatherings to be put on hold and for people to self-quarantine in their homes in order to slow the spreading of the virus.

Social distancing is the act of deliberately decreasing the amount of physical space between one person and another.

Many companies have shut down their offices and have asked their employees to work from home. While many people already had jobs that allowed them to work from home, this method is very unfamiliar to those who are having to rush into it for the first time. We know this has been a difficult time for those who are not fond of working at home in isolation, so we have put together a list of some ideas of things to do while being stuck inside for this long period of time.

Things To Do While Being Stuck at Home

1. Clean up your emails. Unsubscribe from lists that no longer serve you.

2. Increase the storage space on your phone by deleting photos.

3. Organize your file cabinet, paperwork and bills.

4. Sell items online on Poshmark or eBay.

5. Go through your makeup. Throw out old product & clean your brushes.

6. Adopt a puppy who needs a home.

7. Learn to paint your own nails or do a new makeup look from YouTube.

8. Finally do that yard work you needed to. Pull weeds, plant a garden.

9. Do some house projects & renovations.

10. Do some arts & crafts. Adult coloring books.

11. Have a virtual happy hour with friends.

12. Try some free workout classes or start a new fitness program.

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